We can offer our customers a full service range from all the stages of investment process starting with pre-investment analyses and conceptions, trough construction, tender and executive projects, cost estimates, specifications and construction supervision, up to energy consultations during building exploitation.

We were site engineers, managers and designers for design-build system. Our experience covers many types of projects: tens of kilometres sewerage networks, hectares size factory buildings and office buildings with total area of over tens of thousands square meters. We know that finalizing high costs projects is a very difficult task. That is why we offer our help from first outlines to the full usability of the building.

  • Designing networks and installations such us: water supply and sewage disposal system, central heating, heat sources and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • preparing estimates and bill of quantities
  • analysing presented offers for above mentioned construction works, taking into account market prices, completeness and compliance with specifications.
  • Bidding, preparing and overseeing sanitary construction process in design-build system as entitled by General Contractor
  • Site management over the construction works
  • Sanitary work coordination for the General Contractor, especially checking compliance of any finished stages with the schedule of works and expenditures
  • Technical acceptance by installers, especially checking if everything works properly and is safe to use
  • hydraulic measurements of water circulation, i.e. central heating installations, process heat, cooling installations and water-glycol heating systems
  • measuring the efficiency of heating/cooling devices working for heating/cooling installations in the building
  • analysing the efficiency of heating boilers
  • measuring ventilation installations;
  • Correct work assessment of central heat installation and heat sources (boilers);
  • Safety assessment of the central heat installation and heat sources (boilers);
  • assessment of the safety and faultlessness of mechanical ventilation installation
  • boiler room and installations optimisation in association with the costs of use and users requirements
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