Investment-oriented client

We can offer our customers a full service range from all the stages of investment process starting with pre-investment analyses and conceptions, trough construction, tender and executive projects, cost estimates, specifications and construction supervision, up to energy consultations during building exploitation.

  • Analysing construction costs and the heat source usage for individual buildings
  • designing water and sewer connections
  • designing gas connections
  • propane tanks project
  • septic tanks project
  • designing local water treatment plants
  • land draining projects
  • designing water supply and sewage disposal system
  • hydrant fire control installations projects
  • designing central heating installations
  • designing mechanical ventilation projects
  • designing cooling and air conditioning installations
  • designing water, coal, gas, oil or biomass boiler rooms
  • designing gas steam boiler systems
  • designing water treatment stations
  • preparing estimates and bill of quantities
  • analysing presented offers for above mentioned construction works, taking into account market prices, completeness and compliance with specifications.
  • Complex documentation of wells, from geological services, through establishing resources, up to the aquatic legal survey
  • Preparation of the aquatic legal survey e.g.:the water drainage to the public drainage system or a river
  • Site management over the above mentioned construction works
  • Technical acceptance of all the networks, especially checking if they work properly and are safe to use
  • the correct work assessment of central heat installation and heat sources (boilers);
  • the safety assessment of central heat installation and heat sources (boilers);
  • assessment of the faultlessness of mechanical ventilation installation
  • assessment of the safety of mechanical ventilation installation
  • the boiler room and installations optimisation in association with the costs of use and users requirements
  • hydraulic measurements of water circulation, i.e. central heating installations, process heat, cooling installations and water-glycol heating systems
  • measuring the efficiency of heating/cooling devices working for heating/cooling installations in the building
  • measuring the efficiency of the boilers;
  • a one-year periodic inspections in accordance with the Construction Law: gas installations and chimneys
  • a two-year periodic inspections of boilers which use non-renewable liquid or solid fuels of performance over 100kW
  • a four-year periodic inspections of boilers which use non-renewable liquid or solid fuels of performance between 20kW and 100kW
  • energy efficiency assessment of boilers below 20kW that were used for over 15 years.
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