Individual customers

We can offer our customers a full service range from all the stages of investment process starting with pre-investment analyses and conceptions, trough construction, tender and executive projects, cost estimates, specifications and construction supervision, up to energy consultations during building exploitation.

We know that for all of you – building your own home is about fulfilling one of your dreams and that you handle that issue with a great engagement. That is why we highly believe in an individual approach to the needs of our customers.

  • analysis of building costs and heat sources exploitation for every building
  • plumbing project
  • fixing a water pipe connection (for construction purposes)
  • gas line project
  • propane tank project
  • septic tank project
  • sewage treatment plant project
  • projects for inside installations: plumbing, central heating, heat sources and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • Complex documentation of wells, from geological services, through establishing resources, up to aquatic legal survey
  • Preparation of aquatic legal survey e.g.: for water drainage to the public drainage system or a river
  • Connecting plumbing system to the building
  • Site management over the above mentioned construction works
  • Technical acceptance of all the networks, especially checking if they work properly and are safe to use
  • Correct work assessment of central heat installation and heat sources;
  • Safety assessment of central heat installation and heat sources;
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