We can offer our customers a full service range from all the stages of investment process starting with pre-investment analyses and conceptions, trough construction, tender and executive projects, cost estimates, specifications and construction supervision, up to energy consultations during building exploitation.

Thanks to our over 30-year experience we know just how important is it that every team fulfils tasks entrusted to them. That is the only way complex projects can be finalized. We do realize for whom we work and we are not afraid of new challenges.

  • plumbing projects
  • gas line projects
  • propane tank projects
  • septic tank projects
  • designing local water treatment plants
  • land dewatering projects
  • projects of sewerage systems, storm water drainage systems and technological sewer systems
  • designing water networks and fire control networks
  • aquatic legal surveys
  • designing water supply and sewage disposal system
  • designing open water tanks, e.g.: for fire control purposes
  • hydrant fire control installations projects
  • central heating projects
  • mechanical ventilation projects
  • designing cooling and ventilation systems
  • designing water, coal, gas, oil or biomass boiler rooms
  • designing gas steam boiler systems
  • designing water treatment stations
  • preparing estimates and bill of quantities
  • preparing tender documents required by Government Procurement Laws
  • preparing Functional-Utility Programs for design-build investments
  • analysis of building costs and heat sources exploitation for every building
  • Connecting plumbing system to the building
  • Site management over the above mentioned construction works
  • Technical acceptance of all the networks, especially checking if they work properly and are safe to use
  • Correct work assessment of central heat installation and heat sources;
  •  Safety assessment of central heat installation and heat sources;
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